The Breastfeeding Class

The Breastfeeding Class is an evidence-based, comprehensive, and self-paced online course. This class is recorded and available for you to watch online at your convenience. The Breastfeeding Class students also have the opportunity to schedule a 30-minute live video chat with me to answer any questions you may have after watching the class videos. This is included in the cost of the class.

                    Photo by Erin Heuser, Photographer

Join me as we discuss:

  • Why Breastfeed? Reasons to breastfeed and Risks of not breastfeeding
  • Our Bodies Are Made to Breastfeed Humans are carry mammals
  • Breast Anatomy & Physiology The basics of what’s happening inside the breast during lactation
  • The Continuum Concept Thinking about pregnancy, birth, & breastfeeding as a continuum
  • Immediately After Birth Preparing yourself for breastfeeding success in the first week
  • Positioning & Latching Tips and guidance on having a good deep latch
  • Normal Newborn Behavior Breaking down cultural misconceptions about human babies
  • Preventing Breastfeeding Difficulties Tips for preventing mastitis, maintaining a robust supply & healthy baby
  • Breastfeeding & Sleep How to get enough rest while meeting your baby’s needs
  • Life With a New Baby Adapting to the demands of a tiny human
  • Working & Breastfeeding If you plan to return to work
  • When to Wean Current recommendations and anthropological evidence

PLUS lots of breastfeeding tips and tricks to get you off to the best start so you can meet your infant feeding goals.

This custom-designed class features beautiful images of local families, generously shared for educational purposes, along with selected videos. Each participant will receive a digital Sunshine Lactation Breastfeeding Toolkit so you’ll be prepared when your baby arrives.

The Breastfeeding Class is approximately three hours of class, broken in to bite-size segments, narrated by me, Jess Willis, IBCLC. Please invite your partner or doula to join you in class (no additional purchase needed) so your support can be ready to support you in meeting your breastfeeding goals.

I have been working with breastfeeding families for nearly ten years, first as a La Leche League Leader, then as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Let my knowledge and experience help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

I recommend taking your breastfeeding class in the third trimester of pregnancy, so you can remember everything, but you can also return to watch parts of this class at a later time as needed, including after your baby arrives. There is no expiration on access to The Breastfeeding Class.

You will receive an email with instructions for accessing the class and scheduling your Virtual Q&A session within 24 hours of payment. Please email me  if you have any questions!

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